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BOOOL In this game we combined a well known game classic – navigating a ball over a teeter board. But this time you’ll do this with the movement of you’re body!
The initial idea was to translate the physical room (the room where the user walks around with the iPhone or iPad) into the virtual space (the virtual mapped representation with an avatar walking on the screen) – accompanied by the question: What would happen if the virtual space reacts to the physics of the body? So we decided to make the virtual space a plane – balanced in its center. As long as the recipient is in the center of the room (and corresponding avatar is in the center of the screen) the plane is balanced. But as soon as the avatar leaves the center position and moves to the borders, the plane will tilt – according to the shifting of weight in the physical system.

BOOOL Manual BOOOL Manual BOOOL Manual BOOOL Manual BOOOL Manual BOOOL Manual

Following this idea we thought of a challenge or a goal the recipient might have to achieve. And finally we came up with the idea of the labyrinth and the challenge of navigating a ball from start to finish…
For stabilizing the whole system a bit, we decided to define a 3x3 grid, in which the avatar moves. Meaning the system will tilt in 8 directions according to the position (north-west, north, north-east, west, east, south-west, south, south-east) and will be balanced in the middle-grid-segment. These subdivisions facilitate the play game for the recipient as the system won’t react on every little step he does.
As you play the game you’ll see the segment highlighted in which your position is located. Additionally there’s of course a representation of the avatar, so you’ll see the change of you’re position onscreen… So try to finish the game in a record time!!!

BOOOL Manual