Germany's economy is based on a strong industrial core. Its success hinges on deep-rooted industrial value chains with more than 100,000 large, medium-sized and small companies from all sectors of the manufacturing industry, which together employ more than eight million people. The Federation of German Industries (BDI) works towards making sure Germany remains an industrialized country, one that is export-oriented and innovative.

A clean and reduced start page with a lot of free space for the federal association of german industry. The focus point are different questions that are overlaying each other in different colors so they become hardly readable. The background is a gradient of light tones of blue, violet and orange.

Blur in Focus

Futures are blurry and the possible scenarios of what might happen become clearer only with time – unless we shape them. Through lobbying, single events, conferences and special projects BDI is raising awareness about German Industry, its innovations, urgent need for digitization and climate neutrality. We help them communicate their vision through outstanding design, engaging interaction and focused storytelling created in cooperation with our strategic partner – Waald.

The section for events. A large but blurred image in the background. Ontop a blurry bubble with a gradient from cold blue to violet with the tiny description: Berlin, 03.05.2023 and the huge headline: InnoNation Festival and a button to read more.