We live in a transformative world defined by global crisis and inequalities. To overcome hyper capitalistic narratives we are questioning the status quo and try to rethink common patterns — not only in design but in all disciplines of institutionalized communication and behaviour. Through questioning and thinking, design and technology, we help organisations to transform. More about CDLX

ID Project Client Type Team Year
01 V-ZUG V-ZUG VZG Website IS, MK, JP, SO, HG 2023
02 Imagebook Selux SLX Print publication IS, MK, LR, HG, SK 2021
03 Website Selux SLX Website LR, HG, FO, GG, TSE, AI 2022
04 Product Photography Selux SLX Content MK, LR, TSE 2021
05 GDV Brand Relaunch Gesamtverband der Versicherer GDV Branding LR, HG, MN 2022
06 Weizenbaum Digital Relaunch Weizenbaum Institut WZI Website IS, GG, LR, TS 2019
07 Weizenbaum Evaluation Weizenbaum Institut WZI Event IS, LR 2019
08 Transformation des Populären Universität Siegen USI Branding IS, TSE, JP, FO, SK 2021
09 IMIS Universität Osnabrück Website LR, MK, FO, SK 2021
10 ODEX CDLX CDLX Event MK, JP, LR, TSI 2023
11 Alles beginnt mit einer Frage Humboldt Universität HU Website HG 2019
12 Humboldt Lab Humboldt Universität HU Campaign HG, FO, GG 2021
13 Humboldt Lab Key Visuals Humboldt Universität HU Branding HG, IS 2020
14 Humboldts 17 Humboldt Universität HU Website IS, JP 2020
15 Open Humboldt Humboldt Universität HU Website HG 2020
16 Die Junge Akademie Die Junge Akademie DJA Website FO, LR, TSE, IS, MC, RS, AI 2022
17 BDI Webrelaunch Federation of German Industries BDI Website HG, MK, GG, JP, SK 2021
18 Stiftung Kunstfonds Stiftung Kunstfonds SK Website MK, GB 2020
19 Annual Report for Stiftung Kunstfonds Stiftung Kunstfonds SK Print publication MK, TSE 2021-2023
20 Rebranding Universität Bielefeld UBF Branding IS, SE 2019
21 Digital Relaunch Universität Bielefeld UBF Website IS, FO, GG, SE 2019
22 Bi.research Magazine Universität Bielefeld UBF Print publication IS 2019
23 The New Institute Website The New Institute TNI Website MK, FO, GG, IS, SK, TSE, AI 2022
24 Redefining the Possible The New Institute TNI Web Special MK 2021
25 RIDI Linia Configurator Ridi RDI Web Configurator MK, FO, GG, SB 2020
26 ISIpedia PIK Potsdam PIK Website MK, LR, FO 2019
27 Operative Ontologien IKKM Weimar IKKM Website HG, AA, FM, CO, IS, IR, ID 2014
28 Juniform Juniform JNF Website MC, HG 2008
29 Website Hochschule Harz HH Website DS, HG, MC 2014
30 Brand Identity Hochschule Harz HH Branding DS, HG, ID 2013
31 Kolberger 5 Euroboden GmbH ERB Print publication HG, SE, SE, OH, IR, SR, FO, IS, TS 2018
32 Shape New Standards Talos TLS Branding HG, FM, AA 2015
33 Dilax Digital Relaunch Dilax DLX Website JP, LR 2021
34 Branding TLC Branding HG 2009
35 MTV MTV MTV Website HG, MC 2007
36 Wirklichweiterkommen Highschools of Sachsen-Anhalt LSA Campaign HG, FO, SW, CO 2016
37 Reallabor Radbahn Radbahn RDB Website HG, JP 2021
38 Iplantatree Iplantatree IPT Website JP, TSI, SK 2023
39 XIO XIO XIO Web Configurator MK, HG 2019
40 Deutschlandstipendium Humboldt Universität HU Website HG, FO, JP, IS, SK, MC 2023
41 Nils Holger Moorman Nils Holger Moormann MRM Website ID, HG, CT, AA, DS 2015
42 The Fabric of Architecture Universität der Künste Berlin UDK Branding FM, MS, AA 2015
43 Topographie des Terrors Topographie des Terrors TDT Branding ID, FM 2016
44 J*GAST Illustrationen J*GAST JGS Illustration JP 2022
45 Redefining Hospitality quartier QGP Everything IS, TSI, HG, MJ, MC, FO 2022


+++ We received an internationally recognized design award for the relaunch and transformation of V-Zug. +++ CDLX launches a new type of product configurator for Selux. +++ Our interface design for the Circular Light profiles by Selux has been awarded by DDC (Deutscher Designer Club). +++ With our strategy partners and friends from WAALD we are rebranding ​AUMA – Association of the German Trade Fair Industry and relaunching a major business associations very soon. +++ And besides this CDLX advises a global player in a certain field in a strategic branding process. +++

News updated on Apr 08 2024


ID Name Position Expertise/Experience Entry
HG Hugo Göldner Management Creative Director 2005
MC Martin Christel Management CEO 2005
GG Gerald Grote Development Head of Development 2018
SK Sarah Kremer Organization Head of Organisation 2019
MK Maciej Kodzis Design Head of Design 2018
IS Isa Soysal Design Art Directress 2017
LR Lisa Rudolf Design Art Directress 2018
JP Justus Pfeifer Design Designer 2021
TSE Tabea Seufert Design Designer 2021
TSI Tamara Siewert Design Designer 2022
FO Federico Orrù Development Senior Full Stack 2016
AP Aliaksei Pachynchyk Development Senior Developer 2022
MCH Martyna Chojnacka Development Developer 2023
RS Rosa Schmitt Organization Project Manager 2021
MJ Miriam Jesske Organization Project Manager 2023
AI Adrian Idor Content Designer 2019