The Redefining the Possible project is asking which thought patterns we should put to the test in order to understand the ecological crisis of our time and to make desirable solutions possible. At the start of the project, in collaboration with The New Institute, Die Zeit's journalist Petra Pinzler discussed eight such thought patterns in economic discourse with well-known German economists.

New Stories

Each time creates its own ideas and stories – supported by scientific terms and models. These stories and terms shape our view of the world, the way we live together and which institutions and innovations we design.

With Redefining the Possible project we created a place for these new stories – eight interviews questioning the historical meaning of seemingly basic economic concepts, like Freedom, Debt, Growth or Justice. To understand how these new thought patterns can be used to shape the world in face of crises, the interviews are accompanied with four essays enlighting the possible paths forward.

Mission and Engagement

Captivating, visual storytelling in the essays, simplified and focused reading experience in the interviews – we developed bold solutions entangling the mission of the project with the needs of the user for the maximum positive impact.