The new »quartier« is neither a hotel nor an apartment complex. It is neither for everyone nor exclusive. It is many things, complex and difficult to describe in words. In any case, the quartier is a magic place for guests and has been a special hostel in the German Alpine region for seven years.
We live in transformative times. That is why we have rethought the hotel industry and gastronomy with the »quartier«: radically sustainable. Not only in terms of environment and nature, but also for a good living together.

Wofür steht das quartier?

In Zeiten umfassenden Wandels denken wir Gastlichkeit neu: Frei von Überfluss, dafür voller Klarheit. Das quartier ist modern, zeitlos und nachhaltig bis ins letzte Detail.
Nicht, weil das Mode ist, sondern weil es wichtig ist: Damit Mensch, quartier und Natur eins sind.

Das quartier: innere Einkehr.

Besides the website and the new CI we worked on the whole marketing strategy in this project. Not only setting up instagram, also we accompanied the client with changing to a new booking system and finding new employees.

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