We live in a transformative world defined by global crisis and inequalities. To overcome hyper capitalistic narratives we are questioning the status quo and try to rethink common patterns — not only in design but in all disciplines of institutionalized communication and behaviour. Through questioning and thinking, design and technology, we help organisations to transform.

Founded in 2005 by Martin Christel and Hugo Göldner CDLX today is an internationally acknowledged design studio. Located in Berlin/Kreuzberg 15 creatives from design, technology and planning are building brands and shaping their communication for our digital world. Multiple national and international design awards prove that CDLX has been continuously producing outstanding work for 18 years.

Our services include

  1. All levels of Communication Design
  2. Transformation Strategies
  3. Creative Consultancy
  4. Web Technology (and beyond)

Short Profile

Which relevance has a brand in an overbranded world? Are the ideas of branding and purpose still valid? Or are action, doing and transforming the narratives of our times?

At CDLX we are working on these disruptive questions. With our clients we rethink how their organisations behave, how they communicate and if their visual appearence is appropriate.


Organizations do not exist in a vacuum. They are part of a whole world, part of many societies, the reality of many people's lives. We need to analyze these interconnections and their interactions to be able to predict how an organization has to react, adapt and transform.


Radical Simplicity

In an over-complex and fast-paced world, simplicity becomes a basic human need. Simplicity creates focus and orientation, simplicity has »sense making« qualities. What is true for the material world is even more true in the sphere of digital communication: we want to feel comfortable and be taken seriously. We may feel neither under- nor overchallenged.

That is why we at CDLX, as designers of digital products, are convinced that leaving out the superfluous and simplifying the complicated (≠complexity) is the essence of our work: the task of digital design is to create clarity. If you have questions on this please reach out for our founder and Creative Director Hugo Göldner.

Technology for Screens

VR, AR, Metaverse? Since decades »beyond-screen-technologies« are promising direct interaction and immersivity. But still the two dimensional screen is the preferred interface for most digital applications and use cases. That's why the browser is our preferred playground.

Since change in technology is high paced we don't believe every hype that comes across. We prefer clever, slim, long lasting digital products with proofed industry standard technologies. Our tech stack might appear pretty conservative, but within this, the quality level of application architecture and code is very high. For any questions please contact our Head of Development Gerald Grote.

Business across Europe

CDLX is a part of SQLI, a trans-European technology firm with more than 2.000 employees in 13 countries. As a specialized unit for strategic brand design we help SQLI clients to sharpen their identities. Together with colleagues from Dortmund, Lausanne, Amsterdam, Ghent, London or Gothenburg we are able to serve every facet of the digital lifecycle — from hands-on content production to implementation of large scale enterprise solutions. For business inquiries please contact Martin Christel.