Martin Christel • from star cuisine to fine arts to programming to managing • founder and head of CDLX • fast + precise in everything he is doing •

ID Project Client Type Team Year
01 Die Junge Akademie Die Junge Akademie DJA Website FO, LR, TSE, IS, MC, RS, AI 2022
02 Juniform Juniform JNF Website MC, HG 2008
03 Website Hochschule Harz HH Website DS, HG, MC 2014
04 MTV MTV MTV Website HG, MC 2007
05 Deutschlandstipendium Humboldt Universität HU Website HG, FO, JP, IS, SK, MC 2023
06 Redefining Hospitality quartier QGP Everything IS, TSI, HG, MJ, MC, FO 2022