The German Insurance Association is the umbrella organization of private insurers in Germany with around 460 member companies and is one of the largest institutional investors in Germany. A new communication strategy, integrated in a corporate design relaunch, sets new standards in their field: a transformation from pure industry representative to a voice that moderates the interests of business, politics and consumers in its communication. As part of WLDX we supported the association on their transformative path to a more diverse and sustainable brand identity by creating the visual brand elements.

The new logo of GDV. It consists of a signet, the abbreviation GDV in a bold sans serif font and the addition

A sign of transformation

The new logo is the association's most important brand-forming element. It incorporates all the key design elements that shape the overall image. The new polychromatic color palette, which replaces the previously monolithical and omnipresent brand color, reflects a commitment to diversity, openness and multidimensionality, and thus indicates the far-reaching transformation of the brand narrative.

Two versions of the GDV signet are shown in their visual relation. Both signets are composed of two color hemispheres, with one being colder colours and the other in warmer shades. Ten colours are extracted from the more complex version of the signet.

The geometrically faceted shape represents the pluralism of actors, perspectives, but also the complexity of modern-day life. At the same time, order is created through a strictly geometric composition. Saturated vibrant colors reflect the new self-image of the association as a driver for more sustainability in the insurance industry.

Multifaceted, multi-layered, complex — without being complicated

An example of the typeface
An example of the typeface

Contrasting typefaces

The tension between the two GDV corporate fonts is created by their contrasting nature. The characteristic look of GDV only emerges through their successful combination where the boldness of the sans serif Söhne meets the toned-down understatement of the Tiempos.

Two brochures hovering over a grey surface. The front pages show images and text. One brochure has a picture of a boy in a green jacket as the cover motif. The other brochure's cover is an image of the Bosco Verticale in Milan.