In the course of the relaunch of the appearance of the university of bielefeld, the scientific research magazine bi.research was also redesigned.

Three closed magazines stacked ontop of each other. The cover shows the title BI.Research, a picture of a glas facade in frog perspective.

BI.research reports in a generally understandable way on the scientific focal points of the university. The German- and English-language magazine is aimed at academics as well as journalists, current and former members of the university and decision-makers in politics, business, science and administration.

Opened magazine, the left page shows a picture of a man in front of tropical plants and two text blocks, the eft page shows two headlines and two paragraphs.

Serving diversity

Several layout options have been designed to accommodate the many different text genres that the magazine contains. Colored backgrounds on the pages help to differ between the thematic sections.

Six doubles spreads of the magazine, featuring the table of content and five intro spreads.