The Humboldt Lab is a place in the where latest research projects and findings are presented, a place for networking and discussion, for sharing, interdisciplinarity and internationality, and for debates on pressing issues of our time. The Humboldt Lab is part of the Humboldt Forum, a new centre for culture and science in the heart of Berlin.
– Selfdefinition

A clean webpage design, navigation left, a big collage on top with a photo, a grid, red letters saying
A reduced mobile menu featuring six menu points, the selected one marked with a blue dot. On the bottom a blue block leaping in with white text:
A clean mobile article web page. A abstract collage with blue gradient overlay on the top half, clean headline and copy on the lower third.
A mobile screen of a web page. Photos are party cut off scattered on the screen. The one in view has a blue overlay and text on it.
A mockup of a laptop in a cool metallic environment showing an article web page in a clean and elegant design. Menu on the left, text and images in the middle and a side bar with additional information.