We developed a data oriented visualization to aid decision-makers in the process of creating individualized light profiles. The custom graphics represent artificial light and how it is being transformed over the course of a year. It's circular shape underlines the cyclical nature of the rythms that shape our perception of light. These unique Circular Light Profiles are used to create lighting solutions that have a minimized environmental impact while still creating harmonious urban experiences.

Nature Centric Lighting

Urban illumination that is both functional and aesthetic requires a comprehensive understanding of the relations between light and its surroundings. With a rising awareness of environmental risks, new requirements are being weighed in decision-making processes. Especially light pollution and the need for communities to reduce overall energy consumption are becoming pivotal factors.

With the Circular Light Profiles, Selux aims to establish a holistic lighting practice that serves both humans, avoids wastefulness, and has the least negative impact on nocturnal animals. We dived into an intense process of understanding this engineering innovation while simultaneously developing both a compelling visual, an interactive online configurator, and a comprehensive product narration.

»Inspired by the natural light of the sun, which is unique and beautiful in every place, at every season and at every hour, we want to create artificial light that fits into the cyclical rhythms of nature and whose positive effects outweigh the negative ones for everyone: Humans, animals and plants alike.«

Rhythmical patterns of lighting occur on both circannual and circadian levels. Our task was to visualize the illumination of an entire year. The visualization needed to encode light intensity, light color, and light direction at any given moment of each night throughout the year. Seasons, with their drastically varying lengths of days, create varying needs for artificial illumination. Visualizing and communicating these patterns and fluctuations should enable decision-makers to understand the complexities associated with a well-rounded lighting concept.

We developed a circannual representation with a coordinated circadian view, covering a single day. Each linear segment of the ring represents one day, spanning the time from 12 p.m. to 12 a.m., read from the outer end to the inner edge. We chose this rather unusual mapping to place the nocturnal hours centrally within the ring, as these hours are of most interest for visualizing lighting.

365 days of illumination – at a glance

A translation of light

It took several months and creative stages to develop this novelty visualization. Our goal was to incorporate the sensuality of illuminated scenes into the visual while still communicating the concrete properties of the individual profiles. This translating process required the construction of a condensed visual, which had its own challenges. We aimed for a formal setup that fulfills its purpose beyond ornamentation yet catches the eye to challenge view habits and underlines the sophistication of Selux' brand design.

The Circular Light Profiles are, at their core, made to visualize individual circumstances. Especially the respective geolocation of planned projects strongly influences results. This adaptability is a core strength in aiding concrete planning efforts. An interactive configurator allows potential customers to calculate a light profile according to their preferences and geolocation. The created light profile works hand in hand with a hardware component that controls the luminaire.

The goal of the configurator was to offer a low barrier to entry into the complexities of light planning. Simple information like geolocation and the urbanization grade lay the foundation of the calculation. The end result can be explored and manipulated in the browser. The potential client is encouraged by the interactive graphic to explore the details of the illumination profile.

Interactive configurator

»WAS IST GUT?« 2023 winner

The potential of the Circular Light Profiles to help public illumination become more sustainable by being less harmful and energy-consuming has not gone unnoticed. The annual »WAS IST GUT?« award recognizes design works that contribute to the greater good in diverse interpretations.