The Harz University of Applied Sciences is an agile and research-oriented university of applied sciences in the center of Germany. CDLX has intensively examined the university's profile and transferred the core competencies into a completely new appearance. The following characteristics would be highlighted as guiding principles; rational, systemic, agile and meticulously followed within the design process. In addition to the redevelopment of the corporate identity, all communication media, CDLX also developed the online presence as well as a mobile application.

The new logo of Hochschule Harz on white background. It consists of a black triangle and a sans serif wordmark.

The triangle

The triangle is, as an abstract interpretation of the local mountain »Brocken«, an essential part of the Harz region. As a connecting academic institution, the university is also located in the tri-border area and offers a highly focused range of courses with its three departments. In its formally purest form, the triangle is used within the most important CI medium - the logo - and thus illustrates the concentration and rational thought of the university.

Based on this, the triangle runs through almost all design media of the Harz University of Applied Sciences. A triangle-based layout grid developed by CDLX forms the basis for the design of all print products and allows for a self-explanatory derivation of font sizes and line spacing. In a particularly lively and partially gridded form, the triangle is used within the visual language. 

Two totebags with a branded print from Hochschule Harz lay on a table. The designs are geometrical and monochrome.
The image consists of the front side of a postcard design. There is the new logo in the top left corner and the image background is distorted with a filter that transforms the image in a triangular pixel grid.
Various brand materials are displayed on a black table. You can see a poster, postcards, a business letter, business cards, brochures, a tablet with a website, a smart phone and some pencils.

The Hochschule Harz has a rational and particularly structured profile. All departments - automation and computer science, administrative sciences and economics - offer factual, application-oriented courses of study. In contrast, the growing university in the Harz region radiates a very high degree of liveliness and vitality. With its two locations in Wernigerode and Halberstadt, the university also offers an exceptionally modular and networked teaching landscape.

Two campuses

A photo of the library at the campus in Wernigerode.
A photo of the campus Halberstadt. There is a historical building in the foreground with a glass front additional story on top. In the background you can see two church towers that give the impression of a historical city center.
Four flyers that carry information about different study programs, displayed on black background. Each one has its own color or image.
A business letter, business cards, a branded notepad and branded pencils on a black background.