Hope in the face of disaster. The small NGO is planting trees in germany. The clue: All is done by real people just out in the woods. Everybody can go by visiting. We stayed with a neutral design to neither get into the advertising friendliness of other NGOs nor to spread any dystopian prophecies. Instead we let the trees and forests speak for themselves.

Design by us. Development by Iplantatree. Currently in development.

A clean startpage. It is in a warm grey ton with black and the main elements are: Two huge black prints of detailed, old tree slices and the main headline: I plant a tree in a huge, technical font.

Contra problem paraylsis

A common phenomenon of our times is paralysis caused by the size of problems. Climate change and the destruction of nature are so big that single people often quit completely. I plant a tree helps rebuilding the forest in germany and encourages to keep going.

A clean webdesign in light grey and black of an interactive map. The map is the shape of germany based on minimalistic tree icons. On the right side projects are selectable by cards. They are illustrated with warm forest pictures. On the bottom are huge black prints of tree slices.
A clean webdesign for the selection of trees to be planted. It is in a warm grey ton with black and the layout is dominated by a lot of boxes that remind on an archive. The trees are illustrated by black prints of their slices.

A complex system of indefinite different species that live, die and reawake in other forms. So what does it take to represent that? – Nothing. It speaks for itself.

Forests are the definition of life


Many NGOs plant trees. Some do it for real, some have found a profitable business model.
Many of the many NGOs that plant trees try to emphasise the forest relation with the overuse of plants and green on their website. I plant a tree is not like those huge NGOs so we didn't want the website to look like theirs.

Today we can not think forest without human intervention. That is a fact. Therefore it does not make sense to create the image of an untouched forest. We accept that and combine images of real and existing forest with the human way to interact with it. That involves science, analysis, lexica, herbariae, maps. That is how our society works with the forest so that we in the end can stroll through a grove and get some rest after a workday.

An archive style design in warm grey and black of projects. It is five in one row in multiple lines. The tiles stack in an archive style way. The only colors are the green progress bars and one tile that is a spring image of a young tree.
A design of a page showing current progress. It is in a clear design based on boxes and in warm grey and black as colors. It contains four tiles of projects with a short description, a green progress bar and spring images of trees on the project area.
A simple list in a clean design. It is in warm grey and black. On the left are the filters, on the right are the people who planted trees. They're shown with a small image, the name and a progress bar in light green that shows the amount of planted trees.