The Fabric of Architecture

Space is constituted by light and shadow. Only in this way can space be visually perceived as such - only in this way can spatial depth, corners and edges be created. This was the basic consideration for the design of the poster »The Fabric Of Architecture«. It is precisely this contrast of light and shadow, of on and off, that creates a field of tension. This force field was to emerge clearly from the poster as an elementary visual element.
For this purpose, the first step was to photograph incidences of light in a black box filled with smoke. This photograph was then translated into a network structure using a specially written algorithm. The algorithm calculates the brightness values of the photograph and extrudes the nodes of the mesh structure analogously: black means no extrusion up to white with full extrusion. In this way, the two-dimensional image is in turn transformed into a three-dimensional representation. The final motif was applied to the paper using a screen printing process.

The figure of the fabric serves as an operation and expression of the special, indissoluble entanglement between architecture, culture and technology in computer-based design. It emphasizes the active process of shaping as a »formed« in which elements are networked or knotted.

With a view to bringing together and mediating universities, application-oriented research institutions and museums, the workshop will discuss new forms of knowledge production and possibilities for cross-disciplinary research into digital design cultures in architecture and design.


  • Idea
  • Concept
  • Design
  • Processing
  • Screen printing with Oliver Nerlich