Open Humboldt is the Humboldt Universities gate to society. Science communicates with the people by a variety of talks, exhibitions and events.

A project page in grey tones featuring a drawing illustration with big blue highlight bubbles and some links and facts in the sidebar.
An article page in grey tones featuring copy text on the top and a rgb blue call to action block at the bottom.

Science X Society

The Humboldt University has a history of over 200 years. It is one the leading universities in germany. Open Humboldt was founded to open the doors of the ivory tower. Science has to be understandable by the public. For general education but also to generate acceptance and to create exchange.
The design reflects this intersection. Illustrations and playfulness are combined with a scientific layout and a clear language. It is a hub and a voice making the confused understandable.

A mockup of a laptop in a cool metallic environment showing a clean page in grey tones featuring some event tiles.
a mockup of a smartphone on cool black surface showing a page with an event list in clean simple design and grey tones.