Shape New Standards – A modern design language based on logic and geometry.
»The Shape« plays a central role in the design language of TALOS, a swiss business consultancy. With reference to geometric constructs and "creation" in an etymological context, we link the TALOS claim with metadesign levels and create a universal design language based on logical principles.

Talos stationary displaing the pyramid keyvisual on an isometric grid. The TALO logotype is custom made.
Multiple printed products created for talos.
Covers for Talos service offerings featuring the keyvisuals.

What is the essence of shape?

The »shape« as a geometric, calculable form (but also in the etymological sense as »creation«) plays a central role in the TALOS language of forms. Taking up Euclidean geometry with the five axioms »point, line, straight line, plane, angle«, we develop a system that both defines the two-dimensional surface and transfers the plane shape into space. The triangle is considered the most »intelligent« of all basic shapes and is the atom of more complex geometry. Two mirrored right-angled triangles make a rectangle. With the help of an isometric grid, we unite surface and object and form tetrahedra from the triangle/rectangle.

The capital letter K is shown in the font Haas Unica, next to it a capital A is shown in the font Salto Serife display.
8 slim rectangels showing the left one is black the far right one is light grey, the rectangels inbetween create a gradient.