Maciej Kodzis • Creative Director/Design Lead • interest, knowledge and skills in all fields of an expanded concept of design • pushes the organisation towards the new • MK

ID Project Client Type Team Year
01 Imagebook Selux SLX Print publication IS, MK, LR, HG, SK 2021
02 Product Photography Selux SLX Content MK, LR, TSE 2021
03 IMIS Universität Osnabrück Website LR, MK, FO, SK 2021
04 ODEX CDLX CDLX Event MK, JP, LR, TSI 2023
05 BDI Webrelaunch Federation of German Industries BDI Website HG, MK, GG, JP, SK 2021
06 Stiftung Kunstfonds Stiftung Kunstfonds SK Website MK, GB 2020
07 Annual Report for Stiftung Kunstfonds Stiftung Kunstfonds SK Print publication MK, TSE 2021
08 The New Institute Website The New Institute TNI Website MK, FO, GG, IS, SK, TSE, AI 2022
09 Redefining the Possible The New Institute TNI Web Special MK 2021
10 RIDI Linia Configurator Ridi RDI Web Configurator MK, FO, GG, SB 2020
11 ISIpedia PIK Potsdam PIK Website MK, LR, FO 2019
12 XIO XIO XIO Web Configurator MK, HG 2019